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Weather report from the beach at the bottom of Noriega street I I always carry my smartphone when I take longer walks, but I rarely take a picture. Today I went all the way to the beach before taking it out to take a picture of the great weather we have on the beach and … Read more

Coyote Creek

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Black- Collared Stilts along Coyote Creek Collared stilts noir have returned to Coyote Creek from where their summer home was. I wonder if the recent mild rains were their return signal. Maybe it was the equinox (and a gorgeous equinox day for a bike ride). This pair foraged with several greater yellowlegs in the brackish … Read more

creature camera

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Capture Collection I had forgotten the pleasure of making composite images with the trail camera, even when the result is not quite up to National Geographic standards, to say the least! The good thing about the trail camera, besides being always ready to take a picture, is that it doesn’t move. The acorn woodpecker, flicker, … Read more

Fantastic ride

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Seen from the bridge Above Fort Point To cross the Golden Gate Bridge on a beautiful morning yesterday was a breeze with almost no cyclists coming the other way and hardly any pedestrians. I could even afford to enjoy the view without worry. Halfway through the period, however, I reached what must have been a … Read more

Those who have fallen

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Tibouchina urvilleanum It’s about a week away from the autumnal equinox, this perfection evanescent balance of light and dark on Earth. As we move into greater darkness, plants will cannibalize their green chlorophyll machinery and sequester energy for the future. The leaves will turn yellow, then brown, and finally yield to the grip of gravity. … Read more

ruby mountains

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September Color at Dollar Lake After several years of closure at Because of bad weather, forest fire and scheduling issues, we both thought it was this year or never. So a friend and I decided to take the long drive to Nevada’s Ruby Mountains despite the fact that rain was forecast and the best part … Read more


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Smoky View From Mt. Tam ) I could tell that the smoke of a forest fire had drifted overnight by the blood- orange color of the rising sun, and I debated with myself for about two seconds whether I should climb Mount Tam despite the poor quality of the air. Coming out of town, I … Read more

soft mist

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Sun & Fog to Point Reyes Back in high school, I’ll go further at a friend’s house and we were listening to his George Carlin records, and one of Carlin’s tracks was about phrases no one had ever said before, like “Hand me that piano.” I think of the Pug joke once in a while, … Read more

predatory snails

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Share of snails a Meal (click on the images to enlarge) I couldn’t tell what these two Snails (guignols?) were doing it, even with my glasses. I thought they were mating or fighting. But as soon as I displayed the image on my computer screen, I could tell that the “strange appendages” I had seen … Read more


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I haven’t been filming the past week, but instead have been working on a long term project on Pt. Reyes which will be similar to the Mt. Tam book you can see in the sidebar. I thought I could start creating basic pages by selecting single images that are worth a page on their own. … Read more