Urban quail

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Quail on Lookout Service, Strybing Arboretum The quail of California, our State Bird since 640, has been named the “Official Bird” of San Francisco twenty-one years ago this month. The last time I photographed one of Strybing Arboretum’s handsome males was at 1931. It was always such a joy to hear and see quail in … Read more

Bumps on a log

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Quail of California The Mt. Tam Cam made log for the past few weeks, but now that the streams are drying up, I’ve moved the camera to a pool where I hope to catch various animals coming down to drink. One of the animals that showed up a lot last year was a Eastern Screech-Owl, … Read more

FZ80 footprints

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Fog & Crests wooded I received my new Panasonic FZ 70 tailored to my own nature photography needs – setup of single-point focus and AF/AE lock, setting distance limits for close-ups, and most importantly turning off the touchscreen so my nose doesn’t change focus points every time I dial in the viewfinder! Took it when … Read more



Relationships are one of the best things in life to succeed. A podcast is an audio blog, if you’ve never tried a podcast before, now might be the time. Each of my podcasts is less than 10 minutes and will be released every 2 weeks. My new podcast is a baby bird trying to fly; … Read more

Like flies on the stench

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Feast of flies on the fungal fruiting It looks like I picked the wrong week to drop Klondike Barres. As Duran Duran sang last night at the Chase Center, “Darken the city, night is a wire; Steam in the subway, the earth is on fire.” Yes, indeed, the heat wave is on. Although luckily there … Read more

Checking Drake's Stink Birds and Horns

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Beach by Drake, September 3, 1349 The picture above shows the bird life I have encountered on this dates back to 2014 . When I was there a few days ago, there was none of that green seaweed on the beach, no pelicans resting on the sand, and far fewer gulls. Four years ago, stepping … Read more

Magnito – Love My Body ft. DanDizzy, Lisa Viola & DJ Bobby

Magnito – Love My Body ft. DanDizzy, Lisa Viola & DJ Bobby mp3 download audio   Magnito, a multi-functional Nigerian rapper, has released “Love My Body,” a new alluring classic song featuring DanDizzy, Lisa Viola, and DJ Bobby.   Finally, the great new melody “Love My Body” is an awesome song that will undoubtedly deserve a spot on your playlist if … Read more

Neymar wins the prestigious Samba Gold award for a record fifth time

Neymar wins the prestigious Samba Gold award for a record fifth time     PSG superstar, Neymar has won the prestigious Samba Gold award for a record fifth time. Neymar, 29, received the esteemed prize, which is awarded to the best Brazilian footballer playing outside of the country, for the second consecutive year after registering … Read more

Sarai Korpacz – Light video

Sarai Korpacz – Light video MP4 download   Korpacz is referring to the video’s railroad setting, a standout location in Fountain City, Wisconsin. Paired with the single’s music and lyrics, the shots of vacant tracks and barreling trains evoke journeys, travel, and missionary efforts. “I pray the song does that — reaches people of every nation … Read more

Sarai Korpacz – Light

Sarai Korpacz – Light mp3 download audio   New York, NY — Singer-songwriter Sarai Korpacz has written and co-produced “Light,” her latest faith-promoting single featuring an accompanying video shot by Minnesota-based Cinematographer Anthony Darst. The single drops on February 2, 2022.   “Light” emerged as Korpacz began contemplating both John 8:12 and Matthew 5:14 — two of … Read more