summer morning

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L Summer Cataract Creek Mt. Tam’s Cataract Creek, so named for its rainy season splendor under Laurel Dell, is just a series of tranquil pools separated by stretches of dry stone in the summer. I was on the trail at 7am the other day feeling a little guilty for driving all the way here for … Read more

Mono Lake

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Lake Mono Point of View 5840333685075967688When I stopped at Mono Lake Overlook on my recent excursion to the east side of the Sierra, one of the things I checked was to see if a land bridge had formed to Negit Island. As shown in the FZ 29 above, there is still water between the mainland … Read more

Summer sets in

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Ravines along Bolinas Ridge, Matt Davis Trail I can not help myself. I can “be here now” and enjoy the warmth and joy of the sun and the evocative smell of rosin wafting through the air, but the longer summer sets in, the more I look forward to the return of the rainy season. And … Read more

Wonders of swimming pools

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Little Moonglow(Click on the pictures for the enlarge.) Although I saw footprints in the sand when I walked down to the beach, I appeared to be the first morning tidepooler at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve on Sunday (not counting the great blue heron and the flock of seagulls). After walking down the stairs from Seal Cove … Read more

Sierra Prints

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Creek near the bottom of Blue Canyon (Click on the images to enlarge them.) I have reached the trailhead to Blue Canyon Lake near Sonora Pass around 8: 29 the morning, after making a small detour uphill. I lived briefly in Sonora at the end of ’68s, before the highway. 93 the bypass came in, … Read more

Sierra hillocks

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Seen Sierra Buttes Morning Somehow , I had never been to Sierra Buttes before, or anywhere on the highway. 30 north of Tahoe by the way. (Another first: getting stuck in 96-degree of heat when a traffic jam caused by an accident near Nevada City). I had to cut short my photographic exploration of California … Read more

Relationship Realities Podcasts

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I haven’t written here for a while because I moved my blog to my website. Please go there to subscribe to all new posts. There are also 27 episodes of my podcast What Healthy Couples Know That You don’t on the podcast page . Already I have almost 17,000 downloads, which means I reach a … Read more

what you missed

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So periodically I write a post for say I moved my blog to my website: People keep s subscribe to this old site and I feel responsible for letting you know that I am not posting new stuff here…. So you are missing my latest blog post: Passivity, the evil twin of anxiety where … Read more



I spent years working with victims of rape and incest for Pittsburgh Action Against Rape decades ago. Trauma is a big problem. If you are dealing with trauma or you love someone who is, take the time to learn more about it. Trauma can interrupt the bravest individuals, as shown in Clint Eastwood’s Shooter American … Read more