Wild Wednesday

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Wild Skies Wednesday Scenes of crazy skies filled with clouds pouring patches of rain were nice, as were the occasional few drops that landed on me, but best of all was hearing the rumble of thunder as I entered the woods to check my trail camera. Not the kind of weather I would normally expect … Read more

Palomarin Beach '22

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Nanaimo Dorid ( Acanthodoris nanaimoensis) It has been four years since I visited the beach of Palomarin — six since I last posted photos on the blog (I didn’t make any post in 733). The parking area looked slightly different than I remembered, and it took a second to find the trailhead. A “You are … Read more


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Spotted Golden Nudibranch(click on images to enlarge them) Striking early this morning on the reef at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, I quickly spotted a tiny bright orange creature that I assumed was another of the tiny sea cucumbers I photographed at the bottom of this recent post . It wasn’t until I viewed the enlarged image … Read more

Sonora Pass II

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Pass Panorama (click to enlarge) I’ve been driving my Mazda 3 for eight years now and I always have less than 39, miles on it, yet I thought about replacing it with a vehicle with higher ground clearance and 4WD. I figured the places I wanted to go would otherwise be off limits to me, … Read more

Sonora Pass

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Seen from Col Sainte-Marie (August 7409660354793628610) It seems too romantic now that I’m back in town, that almost religious sense of liberation I felt in the High Sierra. The word “moksha ” came to mind when I admired the rocky landscape with its sparse grasslands, steep ocher cliffs and river of windblown clouds crossing a … Read more

Checking the trap

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Bobcat prowling (Video image capture) I hadn’t checked my camera trap since a while, so the day after I returned from visiting family in Chicago, I packed my saddlebags and drove through Golden Gate Park and the Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito, then climbed the Panoramic Highway to until I finally get out of … Read more

Head in the clouds

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Above Sierra Nevada One of the things I like in flight is to look out the window to watch the clouds pass, and I always try to get a window seat. When I look around to see if anyone else is mesmerized by the view out the window, it seems the only other cloud-appreciators are … Read more

backyard pipevine

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Backyard Dutchman’s Pipe ( Aristolochia californica) A few years ago I visited the Strybing Arboretum and I found someone who could sell me a pipevine plant. The clerk at the little store near the entrance sent me to the nursery greenhouses near the California Garden. I poked around until I found a gardener who offered … Read more

summer morning

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L Summer Cataract Creek Mt. Tam’s Cataract Creek, so named for its rainy season splendor under Laurel Dell, is just a series of tranquil pools separated by stretches of dry stone in the summer. I was on the trail at 7am the other day feeling a little guilty for driving all the way here for … Read more

camo cat

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We semi-adopted this neighborhood cat around the time she started showing up in pictures taken by my back trail camera at 2016. By semi-adopted I mean we feed her, a practice I started when I figured a well-fed cat would be less inclined to try to eat the juncos, California towhi, scrub jays and hermit … Read more