FZ80 footprints

Fog & Crests wooded

I received my new Panasonic FZ 70 tailored to my own nature photography needs – setup of single-point focus and AF/AE lock, setting distance limits for close-ups, and most importantly turning off the touchscreen so my nose doesn’t change focus points every time I dial in the viewfinder!

Took it when I cycled up Mount Tam on Friday to swap my camera’s memory card , and it was fun poking around the creek areas and snapping some pictures of the local flora and fauna. Sometimes it’s fun to go out and shoot without a tripod or remote shutter, without mirror lockup, without diffusion screens or focus rails, without a backpack full of gear, and without doing the types of things. ‘energy investments involved in using my “real” camera. Of course, all those cut corners show up in the resulting images, and that’s okay. Sometimes I just want a bite to eat, not make a fancy meal.

Two hikers in the landscape

Skipper on the Gumweed
Acmon Blue on the Gumweed

Buckeye in the grass (instead of on the dirt road , his other favorite camo)

The Garter Snake I Almost Stepped On

A kind of dragonfly nymph or ephemeral?
California Newt(with a fuzzy boatman above his tail)
Even pesky horse flies need a drink of water sometimes
(luckily they weren’t biting yet; maybe they don’t go looking for blood
until it’s time to breed)

Grapple basking in the weeds
Leopard Lily with Cooper’s Hawk Feather



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Moving chipmunk
(focus has automatic is fast, but there is a lag in the viewfinder after taking the photo, therefore it is not possible to follow a moving subject smoothly)