Meshed stink horn

Stench trellis (Clathrus ruber)

During a recent morning walk during which I had debated the opportunity to bring my smartphone, I was glad I chose to bring it when I spotted Clathrus ruber

growing in landscaping along Sunset Boulevard near Kirkham Street ( on the 36 th Avenue side). As you can see from the photos below, this is quite a large fruiting body, with many “eggs” ready to release a lovely basket of orange stink mushrooms.

The following days, I went back on my electric bike to check on the progress. On the second day, the first basket had run out and I wondered if everything was going to dry up. But on the third day, it looked like fruiting was still going on. I missed day four because I was at Duxbury Reef, but came back this morning to find things were going well.

This morning was also the first time I saw flies enjoying the stench. I myself have experienced an unpleasant smell of sewage when taking close-up photos with my Nikon. It was definitely the kind of unpleasant smell that only a fly could like, but luckily it didn’t go very far. I couldn’t feel it at all until I was there with it. Despite its olfactory hideousness, the fruit bodies have a really interesting color and texture. I’m curious to see if the fruiting continues this week as the weather gets warmer and drier (it was even sunny at the beach this morning), but I’m not sure I’ll have time to check again.

Fruiting progress

The pleasure of a fly

Artsy Fartsy Mushroom

Egg Basket


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