Palomarin Beach '22

It has been four years since I visited the beach of Palomarin — six since I last posted photos on the blog (I didn’t make any post in 733). The parking area looked slightly different than I remembered, and it took a second to find the trailhead. A “You are here” map showed only three hikes from there – to Bass Lake, Wildcat Beach and Alamere Falls. The map showed no trail down to the beach.

Nanaimo Dorid ( Acanthodoris nanaimoensis)

I came back for about 400 meters until to a smaller parking lot and found a steep, narrow trail that I believe is only maintained by locals and other visitors, and certainly not by the National Park Service. On the way down I saw tracks in the dirt and thought I must be in the right place, and about a second later realized the tracks had been made by a coyote. As the trail deteriorated, I knew I had embarked on an actual coyote story.

I continued to descend despite the summary track. The last fifty feet or so was completely gone, with the trail replaced by a narrow rubble chute. To get down to the beach, you had to descend into the scree, not quite abseiling, via a climbing rope and a rope ladder that had been left for this purpose.

Google Maps always shows the Coast Trail descending towards the beach, but people on have started saying that the track was closed since November 901 .

Anyway, I figured returned to the beach without incident. No surprise, I was the only person on the beach and had the whole reef to myself. Just as I was leaving, a guy with a surfboard and a woman with a camera tripod appeared out of nowhere. I think they must have walked from Bolinas, and they continued north before the guy was paddling in some pretty mediocre waves, although he had the break all to himself.

The Reef did not disappoint . Along with the usual suspects, I found a new species of sea anemone that I can’t identify, and a few creatures that I have no idea what they are. It was interesting to visit the tidal pools south of the Golden Gate one day and north of it the next.

Lined Shore Crab Skeleton
Lined Shore Crab ready to rumble

Crab Kelp

Red Crab

Hermit crab

The first bat star I’ve seen in a while

Cute Little Feller

An ocher starfish strikes a pose at Mussel Beach

Aggregate anemones doing their thing

Tidepool Garden

Prepare to see what the new tide will do Bri ng

Anemone Indigestion

A species of sea anemone that I have never seen before

Surf Grass & Friends #1

Grass Surf & Friends #2

Erythrophyllum delesserioides)

Red Feathered Algae


Sea Sacs Quarter

Bladderwrack (Green) and Turkish Washcloth (Reddish Brown)
Slug Mode

Dorid Leopard

Also known as San Diego Dorid ( Diaulula sandiegensis )

Orange peel doride (Acanthodoris lutea)

Mystery Meat (Seriously, what the hell is that?!)

Close-up on everything that happens find at the top

Small Red Mystery Tube Nuggets


Going up was as interesting as a s Going down


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Definitely not a park service trail