predatory snails

Share of snails a Meal

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I couldn’t tell what these two Snails (guignols?) were doing it, even with my glasses. I thought they were mating or fighting. But as soon as I displayed the image on my computer screen, I could tell that the “strange appendages” I had seen through my lens were not parts of the snails, but were in fact crab legs. Earlier, I had seen a crab escape my prying eyes by burying itself in stony sand. It seems a bit amazing that a snail can catch a crab. Although it also seems amazing that even sea anemones catch crabs. I would soon find such a kelp crab devoured by anemones and possibly a turban snail, which is supposed to be an algae eater.

With low tide arriving before sunrise during the weekend, and not being terribly low, I couldn’t get out of bed so early for the 1 hour drive to Duxbury Reef. Wasn’t even sure it would be worth the trip this morning despite low tide after +0 sunrise. 39. Although there weren’t many reefs to explore by the time I arrived, I was reluctant to leave even when the reef had mostly returned to its underwater realm. If I had been to Hawaii I probably would have snorkeled. I didn’t want to stop exploring.

Pair of snails feasting on a crab

Limpet Covered With Tiny Animals

(white things with black dots)

Farm shell limpet harvest
Hermit Crab Hanging Outside

Deadly Elegance

Caught Kelp Crab
The crab camouflaged kelp plays cool

Little mossy chiton

Another strange Unknown Creature similar to
This one

(Note the cylindrical brown waste pellets surrounding it.)

Band-tailed Pigeons feeding on the cliffs at Agate Beach

Very shaky video of Band-tailed Pigeons

Larger view of the group
(feeding on dirt?)

On the edge (Bolinas Ridge )

Fog beams at the edge of the woods (Mt. Tam)

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Silhouette with cold clouds over Mount Tam