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Korpacz is referring to the video’s railroad setting, a standout location in Fountain City, Wisconsin. Paired with the single’s music and lyrics, the shots of vacant tracks and barreling trains evoke journeys, travel, and missionary efforts. “I pray the song does that — reaches people of every nation tribe and tongue so they can know that God loves them. For those who believe, we are called to be a light in the darkness.”

The song is infused with Korpacz’s usual upbeat warmth — the signature style displayed in her earlier singles, “Harmony” and “Eden In Me.” While not originally intended as an ode to the islands, “Light,” her latest work, ultimately includes some distinct reggae undertones that come into play and transform the flavor of the music.





About Sarai Korpacz

Christian artist Sarai Korpacz understands the true power of worship. She gave her life to Christ at the early age of six and started writing poems and songs as a teenager. As an adult, Sarai has an educational background in law and finance. She creates upbeat, positive Christian music that spreads a simple message: worship God in spirit and truth. He is always there, no matter how rough the road is.

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