Smoky View From Mt. Tam

I could tell that the smoke of a forest fire had drifted overnight by the blood- orange color of the rising sun, and I debated with myself for about two seconds whether I should climb Mount Tam despite the poor quality of the air. Coming out of town, I couldn’t tell what was smoke and what was fog.

I stopped at Good Earth grocery store in Tam Junction to grab a bite to eat and I noticed the temperature was a pleasant 59 degrees. Climbing the mountain, the smell of smoke finally kicked in after gaining enough altitude to really be in the thick of it. By the time I reached Rock Spring and unpacked my breakfast burrito at a picnic table there, the temperature was 82 degrees. It would be 91.2 by the time I left about an hour later. The first thing I noticed when I walked up to the trail camera was a large blue dragonfly pacing back and forth directly in front of the camera. Indeed, the camera had recorded two or three billion captures of blue streaks. I considered moving the camera to a new pool, but when I checked the map I saw that a bobcat had come to drink that morning, so I left the camera in square. As I played with the edit, I heard a red-breasted nuthatch hissing right behind me. The cute little guy cautiously descended for a drink a few feet away, showing his bravado to other nearby nuthatches cheering from the branches far above.

Smoky San Francisco Skyline

Lines of hills and smoke
Red-breasted Nuthatch

Sparkling feathers and bay leaves
Time, Temperature and Turkey Feather

Early Morning Bobcat

Coming soon For a drink


Tam Cam Clips in Chrono Order

( End of August to beginning of September)


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